THCS first Joint Transnational Call for proposals “Healthcare of the Future”

THCS has launched its first Joint Transnational Call for proposals, with more than 30 million € to encourage the optimization of patient care pathways and contribute to the transformation of healthcare systems


The European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) brings the opportunity to coordinate and optimize research and innovation efforts in Europe and its partner countries supporting the much-needed transformation of health and care systems.

Under this umbrella, the first Joint Transnational Call for proposals “Healthcare of the Future”  was launched on March 22, 2023, with the ambition to identify, develop and implement innovative solutions that can inform decision-making and optimise the delivery of health and care services across different settings. These solutions should aim to make health and care systems economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable, while keeping people at the centre of the care process.

In particular, the call’s aim was twofold. First, to provide the necessary knowledge to build the health and care of the future, specifically addressing several dimensions of health and care systems such as quality, safety, equity, efficiency, effectiveness, accessibility, sustainability, economy, ethics and resilience in reorganized health and care settings. By providing this knowledge, the call aims to support the development of new and innovative solutions that can address the current and future challenges facing health and care systems.

Second, the call aimed to support the implementation of innovative solutions on a larger scale. This includes identifying and promoting the adoption and transferability of evidence-based and successful practices to accelerate the pace of change and make a positive impact on health and care systems in a more efficient way.

More than 30 funding agencies participated in the call, with an indicative budget of more than 30 million €.

The deadline for applications just passed on 14th of June, and a high number of applications have been received. Results are expected in October 2023, and funded projects will kick-start between the end of this year and beginning of 2024.



THCS launches its first Joint Transnational Call for proposals aiming to encourage the optimization of patient care pathways and contribute to the transition towards more sustainable, efficient, resilient, ethical, high-quality, and accessible person-centered healthcare systems.