The consortium is mainly composed by a network of Ministries of Research and Innovation, Research and Innovation Funding Organisations and Ministries of Health or Regional Health and Care Authorities from interested EU Member States and HE Associated Countries. In addition, some national public health institutions and research organizations are part of the Partnership to support the prioritization process and ensure an adequate translation of research and innovation findings into the national and regional context. Three non-EU countries are also part of the consortium as Associated Partners; the co-funding for organisations from these countries is provided by their own Government.  

22 Member States and HE Associated Countries, including 6 regions, are part of the Consortium, together with 3 non-EU Countries, Switzerland, UK and the United States and 1 region, Scotland, that are also involved as non-associated third countries. 

The Partnership gathers partners with relevant knowledge and expertise from a total of 58 organisations of diverse competencies to meet the objectives of THCS including RFOs, regional health and care authorities, Ministries and RPOs. This harnesses a broad range of expertise and disciplines required to address the different activities the Partnership will perform, and ensure a continuum between the activities and demonstration of the outcomes of the Partnership to stakeholders. THCS will support the research and innovation needs, including the coordination of different sources of funding, to fulfil its general objective. Thus, the Partnership will provide better knowledge and best practices to guide all relevant stakeholders. All partners have a role in the Partnership bringing in their expertise and implementing the collaborative work between the institutions involved. The Partnership structure and its governance ensures interaction between all participants. The broad expertise, proven leadership, organisational structure and procedures, work organisation and structured stakeholder participation will enable the consortium to fully achieve the Partnership objectives. 

List of participating organizations