General objective 

The general objective of the European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS) is to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable, efficient, resilient, inclusive, innovative and high-quality people-centred health and care systems equally accessible to all people. The idea is to catalyse such transformation by building an open and supporting Partnership where all stakeholders can work together to stimulate and nurture R&I activities. 

Specific objectives 

The Partnership will be organised around five specific objectives (SO): 

SO1: Increase funding opportunities and strengthen the research and innovation community  

This SO aims at increasing and better aligning funding opportunities aimed at strengthening European and international collaborations among research and innovation funding organisations supporting health and care systems transformation in order to maximise the output of research and innovation investments. 

SO2: Fill knowledge gaps  

This SO aims at supporting multidisciplinary R&I to fill knowledge gaps, produce evidence and develop guidance and tools in priority areas for the transformation of health and care systems. 

SO3: Increase the ability to implement innovation  

This SO has a threefold aim:

  1. providing decision makers with guidance and instruments supporting the actual adoption and integration of research findings and evidence-based practices into different settings,
  2. creating a link among those actors that design the R&I processes and those involved in the decision making and practice field, and
  3. improving the ability to implement innovation and maximising resources through ‘learning’ health and care systems. 

SO4: Intensify cooperation among countries and regions and beyond health and care sectors  

This SO aims at addressing under the scope of the Partnership the lack of sustainable mechanisms to inform policy makers and other relevant stakeholders of research and innovation achievements. In addition, the SO aims at promoting at EU, international and national levels, an inclusive approach encompassing a better integration across different sectors. 

SO5: Increase stakeholders’ involvement and capacity building  

This SO aims at strengthening health and care ecosystems to take a comprehensive and wide perspective in supporting health and care systems transformation across Europe and at increasing health literacy among the population, while at also assessing and improving the digital skills that health professionals need beyond understanding how digital services work.