Pillars and Work Packages

The activities of the Partnership are organised in ten Work Packages (WPs) working closely together to achieve the specific objectives of the Partnership and clustered in four Pillars reflecting the approach taken by the Partnership to transform Health and Care Systems. The Partnership is planned to have a 7-years perspective. Below is a graphical presentation of the Partnership structure: 

Pillar Programme Management  

  • WP1 will be in charge of setting and implementing an effective Governance of the Partnership and of developing the Partnership Annual Work Plans. This will ensure that the Partnership’s progresses within its 7-years duration and expected outcomes are reached in a coherent way and within the defined budget.  
  • WP2 will be in charge of the overall coordination, including the administrative and financial management of the Partnership, the monitoring of the implementation of the activities, their follow-up through reporting, the development and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  
  • WP3 will be in charge of: (1) promoting synergies and actively engaging with relevant stakeholders and initiatives at EU and International level connected to the transformation of health and care systems, (2) developing and ensuring good and transparent external communication and dissemination of Partnership activities and (3) paving the way to a sustainable cooperation between policy makers and research funders to ensure an alignment of priorities for health and care systems transformation in the long run. 

Pillar Science & Innovation into Policy and Practice  

  • WP4 will be in charge of assessing short-, medium- and long-term trends and needs for research, development and innovation (RDI) and capacity building for RDI related activities in European health and care systems as well as of (co-) developing the necessary frameworks to support the implementation process of innovative practices in health and care systems.  
  • WP5 will be in charge of supporting efficient sharing of knowledge, and mutual learning for accelerated translation of research and innovation into evidence-based strategies and policies suited to existing and upcoming needs and crises. 

Pillar Research and Innovation funding  

  • WP6 will be in charge of designing and defining the call text for joint transnational calls (JTCs) that will be launched annually to fund R&I activities in line with the prioritization strategy, as recommended in the AWP and SRIA of the Partnership, considering both thematic and building blocks/structural priorities and using a programmatic approach.  
  • WP7 will be in charge of ensuring a sound coordination, administration and management of the Joint Call Secretariat, which will execute the yearly JTCs launched by THCS in close cooperation with WP6.  
  • WP8 will be in charge of coordinating the monitoring of the project implementation and progresses by analysing yearly progress reports from project coordinators, by organizing midterm reviews with the aim of maximizing projects’ impacts. In addition, it will prepare the JTC impact assessment reports. 

Pillar Support transferability and Strengthening ecosystems  

  • WP9 will be in charge of developing a common strategy among all relevant stakeholders to facilitate implementation and scale-up actions in an ecosystem approach.  
  • WP10 will be in charge of developing and maintaining the THCS Knowledge Hub, which will act as a multifunctional platform addressing the needs of different target groups in the health and care sector. The Knowledge Hub will foster the exchange (both physical and virtual) between different health and care actors at macro, meso and micro level. Different activities and instruments to foster capacity building and to facilitate the transfer of best practices are foreseen.